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Ballet Yoga with Nicky McGinty

Ballet Yoga combines the best fundamentals of both yoga and ballet to create amazing toned, lean muscles in your body.


By integrating the finest of these schools of techniques, you get the benefits of the strengthening and toning exercises of ballet repetitions while still flowing through the beneficial vinyasa yoga sequence.


Choreographed around the normal sun salutation of yoga, Nicky has combined some ballet movements into the practices to enhance the sequences such as focusing on core moves and creating perfect posture without interrupting the nature of a yoga practice.


This DVD has been divided into 3 x 20-minute routines that will add a new dimension to your yoga, fitness or dance routine while giving you the grace and poise of a dancer and yogini.


This is Nicky's second DVD. Her first was Ballet Fitness.


For more information on Nicky please visit her website at

Running Time : 70 mins


All of our titles are also available as a download to own through Amazon Video DIrect, and if you live in the US you can also subscribe to our own dedicated New Shoot subscription channel called "Yoga and FItness TV" through the Amazon Prime Platform.  

This can be found at


Absolutely Wonderful !!!


The best workouts I have done in 40 years. You do have to be quite proficient and advanced to do it.


Lucy Lavande - Amazon

Love This


I'm new to yoga, but am doing various barre infused workouts (Tracey Mallet/Suzanne Bowen) but wanted to add yoga for stress relief and stretching. I adore this dvd! I love Nicky's teaching style and ballet infused workout. She has poise and grave and gives good instruction. The setting is really pretty and pleasing... You won't regret this purchase!!


Sarah Wing Hing - Amazon

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