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Pregnancy Yoga with Nadia Narain 

Running Time : 120 mins


Pregnancy is an amazing and empowering time in a woman's life, a time to focus on you and your baby. The 40 weeks leading up to birth is a perfect time to develop your strength physically and mentally. It is a time to nurture yourself and connect you and your baby. 

Nadia has created these sequences to help you learn how to strengthen and soften the body at the same time. They will help you remain calm and focused during your pregnancy so that you "are present" during labour and recover well after. 

As a certified pregnancy yoga teacher and hypnobirthing instructor, Nadia has trained with Ina May Gaskin as an assistant midwife, has assisted numerous births as a doula and developed the pregnancy teacher-training program at Triyoga. She specifically choreographed these sessions to help you adjust to the changes taking place in your mind and body. 

Preparation is key and these yoga postures, meditations, breathing techniques, visualizations and affirmations, will build physical and emotional strength and flexibility. 

This DVD is divided into 3 flowing yoga routines to keep you toned (20 minutes each), 5 minutes of breathing techniques for labour, 5 minutes of visualisations to help you focus the mind and calm the body, 4 minutes of song to relax and renew, and 3 minutes of birthing affirmations to help prepare you for labour. These pregnancy yoga segments are suitable for all levels and stages and one routine is especially designed for women experiencing pelvic pain. 

Practising these programmes will lay the foundation for labour by building your confidence and by giving you a set of emotional tools, and physical endurance to rely on when labour begins and to help you through being a new mother. These sequences will leave you feeling strong and soft, grounded and fluid.

Watch on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Smart TVs and Google Chromecast.

All of our titles are also available as a download to own through Amazon Video DIrect, and if you live in the US you can also subscribe to our own dedicated New Shoot subscription channel called "Yoga and FItness TV" through the Amazon Prime Platform.  

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If you do one thing during your pregnancy, do this.


I started doing yoga with Nadia about 6 months into my pregnancy and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Her gentle teaching taught me to connect with my body and baby (a difficult task as my job was at it's most stressful); her sequences are both satisfyingly strengthening and also very relaxing - releasing tension, softening your body, helping create space for your baby and preparing you for labour. I cannot stress how important her classes were to me and how they filled my pregnancy with positivity, guidance and empowerment. I'm over the moon she has a pregnancy DVD out and will be buying it for all my pregnant friends.

I've never write Amazon reviews but had to say what a wonderful thing this DVD is. Every word is true. So, so good for you and a really wonderful thing to do when you're pregnant. I can't recommend it enough..


Miss B - Amazon Customer

You can take Nadia with you anywhere you go! :)


I love this DVD! It's split into several sections so that you can do the ones that are most important for you. During my pregnancy the DVD was especially important to take Nadia with me on holidays and to be able to do yoga classes when for some reason I couldn't attend her weekly class.

Also, you get to listen to the beautiful blessing song that always makes me cry .


Ana Sofia Reis - Amazon Customer

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