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Pilates In Motion with Caroline Sandry

Running Time : 70 mins


Pilates in Motion: Pilates Trainer and TV Presenter, Caroline Sandry has created 'Pilates in Motion' a unique workout using Pilates + Walking! 

This fun, simple-yet-challenging workout is designed using two of the major principles in fitness to get you in tip-top shape and to help you stay injury free. We all know we should move our bodies more: We should be looking for around 10,000 steps per day plus resistance training to help us stay young, strong and flexible. By applying the principles of Pilates to walking and movement Caroline has created an all-round workout, which will help you to improve your posture, burn calories and shape up. 

The 3 x 20 minute routines are based on different zones of the body: the upper body, the lower body and the core. Each session focuses on a targeted area to keep you lean and toned! 

Upper Body: 
This Upper Body Routine focuses on toning your arms, shoulders and back with extra attention being paid to your posture. Caroline incorporates classic arm exercises that can be done with weights or without to tighten the muscles all while keeping those legs moving! 

This Core Routine is especially focused on the Pilates Principles. Caroline constantly reminds you to 'bring your navel to spine' as you move to the beat. High knees and a variety of core exercises will get that heart racing and flatten that tummy! 

Lower Body: 
This Lower Body Routine is the best way to shape, tone and strengthen your lower body! Walking automatically helps you stay in shape but with a combination of Pilates, walking, squats and leg exercises, Caroline will help you get that excess weight off your body and firm up your backside!

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I liked the idea of a program that incorporated walking with ...


Bought this to add to my ever growing collection of pilates exercise programs. I liked the idea of a program that incorporated walking with traditional pilates and I wasn't disappointed. If you want a tough workout then don't choose this. It's a steady pace of effective pilate moves with squats, walking moves and core work. I completed another much harder exercise dvd first ( 30 minutes of cardio) then did the 3x 20 minutes on this dvd straight after and this was then enough to give me an effective program - very enjoyable.


Natalie - Amazon



Really like this DVD. Combines classic Pilates moves with marching, jogging on the spot, punching, squats and other exercises so there's a bit of an aerobic element too. Caroline makes it very easy to follow and little coordination is required which is good for me as I have none! And because it's split into three twenty minute sections you can do as much or as little as you like. Helps to get your step count up too if you are a fitness tracker user. Recommended.


Mrs JD Kabler  - Amazon

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