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Flow Yoga for Strength & Stability with Nadia Narain

Running Time : 86 mins


Strength and Stability Yoga was created by Nadia Narain to help you feel strong, stable and balanced! Modern life is hard on our posture so it is vital to be mindful of how we hold our bodies. The focus of this programme is to build strength in your body so that you may have correct alignment by increasing the power of the muscles that support you. Starting with session one, slowly build up each day, moving on to the next session when you are ready for a more challenging routine. 

Session 1: This flow is about connecting you to your breath and taking you through modified sun salutations at a perfect pace! Nadia shows you how to begin to strengthen and tone your muscles as she brings together special postures with balancing poses to further align the body. 

Session 2: This flow continues at a more fluid pace and begins to incorporate slightly more challenging postures to increase your muscle capacity. Moving through the sun salutations you will build heat in the body while developing the core muscles. 

Session 3: This flow focuses on increasing the strength and balance that you have incorporated into your yoga routine from Sessions 1 & 2. By adding a few challenging poses to the sun salutations and by holding poses in balancing positions, Nadia will test your muscles and fire up your core to awaken a deep power within. 

Consistently practising these sequences will bring a feeling of power and energy to your body; you will grow stronger and feel more stable both physically and mentally! 

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"Nadia's spirituality awakens my body and soul." 
Kate Moss 


"Yoga with Nadia is the most complete yoga class I have ever practiced. Mind, body, and spirit. She has it all!" 
Reese Witherspoon

Worth every penny 'your health is your wealth'


I have used & used Nadia's stress release DVD it has helped me through various arthritis flare-ups and helped me keep centered along with medication to recover time after time. (You get knocked down but you get up again!) I was excited about the Flow yoga & it lives up to expectations. I love that it's in 20 min sessions so if I'm not feeling too good I can manage this also it can be easily fitted into your day.


Mrs J Legg - Amazon Customer

Awesome Yoga Flow DVD.


I absolutely love this DVD of yoga practices. There are 3 different sets of flow exercises on the DVD, each lasting about 20 minutes (perfect for me as a working Mum of 3 young children) Nadia has a very calming voice, gives clear instructions and guides you through the breathing too. It is definitely a flow practice so I feel very energised after having done one of these.


Mrs R - Amazon Customer

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