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Raise Some Bell - The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout with Amy Dixon

RAISE SOME BELL - THE ULTIMATE KETTLEBELL WORKOUT flawlessly combines traditional kettlebell exercises with current conditioning techniques for incredibly effective results. This 40-minute workout is designed to tone your legs, chisel your arms and abs, and torch fat as you push your cardio capacity to the limit. Dig deep, find your fire and RAISE SOME BELL! 

• RAISE SOME BELL - THE ULTIMATE KETTLEBELL CORE WORKOUT is a powerfully dynamic 7-minute program that blends the best of traditional kettlebell core exercises - like twists and chops - with a hint of cardio to fire up your calorie burn. 

• RAISE SOME BELL - KETTLEBELL 101 is a quick, five-minute kettlebell training guide that breaks down essential kettlebell basics. Learn proper grip, skills, and techniques for getting maximum results while working out with a kettlebell. Before you RAISE SOME BELL, be sure to check out this tutorial.

Running Time: 54 mins


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Great Workout


I have found this DVD very easy to follow especially as I'm a beginner and can feel the benefits. Something I particularly like is that there is a thorough warm up at the start and cool down at the end.

I would recommend doing the modified version at the start (by following the lady on the left), and this is mentioned on the DVD. Be sure to have a bottle of water and sweat towel handy as it gets your heart pumping."

Ellie P - Amazon

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