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Prenatal Pilates: Strengthen & Sculpt with Caroline Sandry

Running Time : 86 mins


Fitness expert, Caroline Sandry brings you her newest DVD, Prenatal Pilates Strengthen & Sculpt. 

This DVD was created for women at any trimester. Practising these programmes, will help you stay strong and supple and will prepare you for labour, delivery and beyond. 

Pregnancy is an incredible time in any woman's life but it is also a very demanding time on the body. To keep you and your baby healthy, it is very important for expectant mothers to stay fit and strong. Having taught Pilates for over a decade, Caroline has seen the amazing benefits and results of practising these exercises. When she became pregnant herself, Caroline decided to create this unique programme to stay in shape while moving through the different stages of pregnancy. 

As an exercise specialist, Caroline has carefully choreographed these routines

20 minute Total Body Workout

20 minute Standing Workout

20 minute Mat Workout

17 minute Bonus Solutions Section for anxiety & swollen ankles, etc.

Pregnancy Tutorial: with the utmost safety in mind, to help you sculpt, tone and strengthen your body.  

Caroline Sandry is a qualified fitness instructor, writer and TV presenter. 

For more information about Caroline, please visit her website at

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This can be found at


Prenatal Solutions taken from "Prenatal Pilates - Strengthen & Sculpt with Caroline Sandry" as a taster.  We hope you enjoy it.

The must have prenatal dvd!!


I finally found this DVD after trying a lot of others (celeb endorsed and not) and can't be more pleased with it.


The structure of the DVD is great because the three workouts mean that you can do one, two or all three, depending upon how much energy you have that day!! I always feel refreshed and ready for the day after completing this dvd and my body feels so much better and fitter for all the lovely stretches.


I'm 29 weeks pregnant and find that Caroline guides me easily and safely through all of the moves, with options to increase or decrease the intensity which is perfect!!


Overall, the best prenatal DVD I've done and would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep fit and healthy during their pregnancy." 


Charlie - Amazon Customer

This is a brilliant Prenatal DVD


This is a brilliant prenatal dvd!!!! I love the fact that she gives you information about exercising in pregnancy in the tutorial section, which puts your mind at rest that the exercises throughout the dvd are definitely safe in pregnancy. I have mostly done the first of the 3 workouts on this DVD, which happens to be a matt workout, and definitely get a good workout from it. I haven't personally had the energy to do all three in a row. So far I have also found the bonus section helpful with excercises specifically targeted to problems like headaches, lower back pain, and a section on pelvic floor. There is also an interview section with Caroline Sandry in the bonus section, and the information in that really does reassure you that she knows her speciality well and knows about exercising in pregnancy. A definite must have DVD for pregnant women. I got mine as part of a 3 disc box set.... "Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates collection with caroline sandry". I would recommend the box set, although haven't used the postnatal one yet. I have already watched the info section on the post natal dvd, and she delivers great advice for post partum exercise. Get it!!


Mrs K - Amazon Customer

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