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Total Body Blitz - Caroline Pearce

Running Time : 60 mins


Total Body Blitz has been designed to give you the best combination of fat blasting and body toning workouts in just 10 minutes or less. Former International Athlete & Gladiator, Caroline Pearce has spent many years discovering the best ways to stay in shape. Using her sports scientist and heptathlon training experience, Caroline has created several unique systems to maximize your calorie burn and define your body. Her new ultra-effective routines are designed to give you the best benefits in the shortest amount of time so you can burn and blitz away the fat in just 10 minutes! 

These results orientated programmes are broken down into the following segments: 
Warm Up
Total Body Strength
Total Body Cardio
Arms & Shoulders Burn & Sculpt
Pilates: Legs & Bum
Abs Unlimited
Yoga Cool Down

Each workout is totally unique and different to the next, pushing your muscles and mind to the max with a 360-degree approach to your training. There are exercises integrating several muscle groups in one move, high-speed cardio burners, pin-point isolation techniques to tone each body part and varying tempos and intensities. This 'pick and mix' workout system is totally effective because your body is challenged to respond and adapt to the changing demands of the different routines and exercises. 

These workouts will perfectly fit into your life anytime and anywhere so no more excuses! Combine several workouts or just choose one for a short impactful burst that suits your training goal and mindset that day. Come along with Caroline on these fun, fast and effective workouts and get the body you have always wanted. 

All of our titles are also available as a download to own through Amazon Video DIrect, and if you live in the US you can also subscribe to our own dedicated New Shoot subscription channel called "Yoga and FItness TV" through the Amazon Prime Platform.  

This can be found at


Here are a couple of examples from these DVDs as a taster.

Brilliant all round DVD for those looking for a new challenge


I have quite a few fitness DVDs and already own Caroline's Cardio Burn one. I love this new DVD. As described, the DVD is divided into small workouts, so you can pick and choose how you want to workout.

The cardio burn is brilliant, thirty seconds of intense activity then a fifteen-second rest. The other sections are good and Caroline gives a running commentary on good technique which is useful.

The music isn't the best, but that doesn't bother me. Caroline's figure is amazing and very motivational.

This DVD may not be ideal for first-time exercisers, or those who haven't worked out in a long time but is brilliant for those familiar with fitness. It is a welcome addition to my collection, and will be used regularly.:)


Jo M  - Amazon

My all-time favorite workout


I have been working out at home, five mornings a week for the last thirty years and have used so many different DVDs. This has to be one of my all-time favorites. You can choose out of the six 9-11 minute options to suit your available time for the day and with the warm up and cool down time added in, you can exercise for a half hour or more and feel like you've had a great work out. Caroline targets every part of you in this work out and I love it! Caroline's warm ups are the best and the cool downs better than any other I have as she holds the stretches for long enough for the muscles to remember and you just don't ache afterwards. Buy it!


Bundu Bunny - Amazon


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