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Postnatal Pilates with Caroline Sandry

Running Time : 84 mins


Post Natal Pilates by Caroline Sandry is the final DVD in her pregnancy series: Prenatal PilatesStrengthen & Sculpt; Prenatal Pilates Tone & Tighten; and Post Natal Pilates. Having experienced the birth of your baby, your body now needs to heal properly so you can get back to full strength.  

This DVD includes safe and effective exercises that have been designed by Caroline to practise progressively in different stages: immediately after the birth or as soon as you feel able. 

Stage 1 involves small movements that begin rehabilitating your pelvic floor and closing the muscles of the pelvis and abdomen. This stage should be performed for a minimum of two weeks before proceeding onto Stage 2.  

Stage 2 begins with a 'rec-check' to ensure the muscles of the abdomen (rectus abdominis) are safely closing together so that you can progress to this next level. If they have yet to close, you must return to Stage 1. This routine continues to focus on the 'drawing back together' of the pelvic floor and abs, strengthening your core muscles and helping you feel more like the old you! This stage should be practised for at least a further 2 weeks (and can be combined with Stage 1 if you have time) before you begin the main workouts. Both Stage 1 & 2 may seem simple but they are the glue that will hold your new postnatal body together, so continue practising elements as often as time allows. 

The 2 main workouts include more vigorous movements, both standing and on the mat, and are designed to tighten, tone and balance your body, enabling you to cope easily with the physical demands of your growing baby! We have also included a tutorial with detailed guidelines and a fun exercise segment for you and your baby. Your life has changed and you can easily incorporate these moves into a 'healthy play time'.

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Would definitely recommend for new mummy's that don't get to much free time to go to the gym.


Love Love Loved this DVD. A great selection of workouts . I loved the excercises that you can do with your little one. My little one found it quite funny. Don't no if it hats a good thing or not. :) I would highly recommend this workout DVD if you are looking to tone up and don't have to much free time to do so, as each work out is about 20 mins.

Kayley Errington - Amazon Customer

Highly Recommended


This is brilliant for easing back into exercise after having a baby, as you start of with gentle, short workouts and gradually build up to the longer workouts. This has really helped me re-align. It even has a bonus workout for exercising with your baby, which works best at the stage when your baby can hold their head up but they are not yet mobile!


N Glover - Amazon Customer

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