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Beginner's Yoga with Nicky McGinty

Running Time : 85 mins


If you want to learn the practice of yoga then this DVD is for you! Join Nicky McGinty, yoga instructor, dancer, choreographer and best selling star of Ballet Fitness and Ballet Yoga, as she leads you through these 3 x 20 minute flowing routines: Solar, Lunar, and Detox. Nicky's unique teachings will guide you as you learn the physical foundations and emotional benefits of practicing yoga at the perfect pace. 

Each of these three segments is specifically designed with a focus and intention: 

The Solar flow practice is about energising the body, mind, and spirit. This fluid routine will build heat in your core and get your blood moving, as you learn the ancient traditional sun salutations. It is a great way to start the day. 

The Lunar flow is about calming the body, mind, and spirit. This fluid routine is about slowing and centering your energy. Practicing this routine will help you dissipate any excess energy that is preventing you from relaxing. It is a great way to end the day to relieve stress and tension. 

The Detox Flow is about cleansing and rinsing out toxins stored in your body. This fluid routine is about twisting and stretching the body to flush out any impurities. It is a great practice to do when you are feeling sluggish or may have overeaten or overindulged. 

So whether you are a beginner or an established student looking to return to the roots of yoga, this programme is perfect for you. 

For more information on Nicky please visit her website at

All of our titles are also available as a download to own through Amazon Video DIrect, and if you live in the US you can also subscribe to our own dedicated New Shoot subscription channel called "Yoga and FItness TV" through the Amazon Prime Platform.  

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Great Intermediate Yoga Program


Three very good workouts - It is fast paced and you need to know some yoga and asana names to be able to follow along. I would call this more intermediate level. Locations are nice and music is very nice too. Nicky has a soothing voice.

Daisy - Amazon

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