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Power Up: Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Julie Martin

Running Time : 90 mins


Julie Martin, Director of Brahmani Yoga in Goa, India, is an internationally recognised teacher of both Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Yoga.


Julie has been teaching for over 15 years and has been running highly respected training programmes at Brahmani for the last 8 years.


This programme consists of three 20 minute sections created to energise the body and mind, and stimulate every cell in your body.


By using the power of the breath and moving through repeated sequences, not only will you get your cardiovascular energy flowing but you will open up the heart centre and the seat of your personal power.


Designed to build heat and strength in the body, these carefully choreographed sequences will help guide you to connect to your own personal power and get flowing with grace.

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Fantastic DVD !!


"Power Up" commences with the much needed addition of a breathing section, something that is often missed or pushed aside to receive only a brief mention, I finally understood some of the very important yogic breathing techniques. I have practiced Pranayama alternate nostril breathing for the past thirty years, so was eager to discover further breathing techniques to expand my practice.


Instruction is very clear and precise, and is certainly successful in building heat and strength. I feel one could benefit greatly from practicing Power Up as part of a regular fitness schedule. Upward and downward dog is demonstrated to perfection. Depending upon what level you are at, there may be some asanas that are less of a challenge, and some that require mastering."


Sarah - Amazon

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