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Total Body Box Set with Caroline Pearce

This fabulous 3 DVD - Total Body Collection includes: 

Total Cardio Burn


Total Body Sculpt


Total Cardio Burn

For more information please visit or on twitter @carolinepearce

Running Time : 180 mins


DVD 1 - TOTAL CARDIO BURN - These three 20 minute programmes with three different levels of intensity have been designed to create a strong and ripped body. Caroline’s unique legs – arms – abs rotation system will work every part of your entire physique. Each circuit involves rotating strength exercises for lower body, upper body and abdominals (twice through) followed by her secret ingredient that will get your heart rate racing and metabolism fired up! 

DVD 2 - TOTAL BODY SCULPT gives you a dedicated workout for each of the 3 main areas of your body to individually tighten and firm your arms and shoulders, legs and bum and your midsection, giving you a slender and toned physique. Former International Athlete & Gladiator, Caroline Pearce has specifically choreographed these 3 x 20 minute or less circuits to blast those stubborn and hard to transform areas. If you want chiselled arms, a flat tummy, great legs and a pert bottom then these targeted workouts are for you. 

DVD 3 - TOTAL CARDIO BLITZ has been designed to give you the best combination of fat blasting and body toning workouts in just 10 minutes or less. Caroline has spent many years discovering the best ways to stay in shape. Using her sports scientist and heptathlon training experience, Caroline has created several unique systems to maximize your calorie burn and define your body. Her new ultra-effective routines are designed to give you the best benefits in the shortest amount of time so you can burn and blitz away the fat in just 10 minutes.

All of our titles are also available as a download to own through Amazon Video DIrect, and if you live in the US you can also subscribe to our own dedicated New Shoot subscription channel called "Yoga and FItness TV" through the Amazon Prime Platform.  

This can be found at


Here are a couple of examples from these DVDs as a taster.

Best Workouts I've Found.


These DVDs have replaced Elle Macpherson ('The Body') as my favourite workout(s)! All three workouts are challenging yet easy to follow. Caroline doesn't talk while she's exercising, but she narrates over the top of it. It's a little odd at first, but it works really well, and she's very clear. It's not cheesy, or overly peppy (that really winds me up in a fitness DVD!), and she explains which muscles are being worked as she goes through. It's also set outside in a beautiful location (Fuerteventura), which is so much more interesting to watch than someone jumping around in a studio!

You don't need much space in your lounge to do this DVD. She doesn't move about very much, and stays on or close to her mat. You'll need a pair of hand weights (I use 1.5kg), as a lot of the moves are combined with weights for maximum benefit. I like the variety of the moves - it doesn't ever get boring - and you can really feel it working.


Sarah Broady - Amazon

One word..........FANTASTIC !!


Fantastic set of DVDs. I love working out in my spare time, and these discs deliver more than what you pay for which was a nice surprise. Caroline keeps you pushing throughout the workouts and reminds you of when to push a little harder which sometimes I can forget or feel like slowing up when it gets tough. You can do as many different sets of workouts from different discs so you don't get bored or to fit into the amount of time you have that particular day. I do hope Caroline comes up with a few more DVDs to follow on soon, I would be one of the first to purchase. Thank you Caroline.


Miss E - Amazon

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