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Total Cardio Burn - Caroline Pearce

As a former international athlete, fitness trainer, sports scientist and TV Gladiator, Caroline Pearce have had to maintain the highest fitness levels throughout her career.  Now she has brought you her tried and tested Total Body Circuit Training Workouts designed to burn maximal calories and tone your body from top to toe in just
20 minutes.


These three 20 minute programmes with three different levels of intensity have been designed to create a strong and ripped body.


Caroline’s unique legs – arms – abs rotation system will work every part of your entire physique. Each circuit involves rotating strength exercises for lower body, upper body and abdominals (twice through) followed by her secret ingredient that will get your heart rate racing and metabolism fired up!

Running Time : 78 mins


All of our titles are also available as a download to own through Amazon Video DIrect, and if you live in the US you can also subscribe to our own dedicated New Shoot subscription channel called "Yoga and FItness TV" through the Amazon Prime Platform.  

This can be found at


Here are a couple of examples from these DVDs as a taster.

Sports Agent


I have been doing work out DVD's for years, this one beats them all! As a lover of Davina, Billy Blanks and the 10-minute workouts Caroline put me through serious pace. The workouts are short but really do give you results. Only after 2 sessions, I could see results working for muscle groups I didn't even know I had. Plus she looks gorgeous throughout so gives you that little bit more motivation. Great workout!


Laura  - Amazon

Get a new body quickly!


I have just tried this and although my arms are still shaking from the work out I had to write a review as its great! I love that Caroline is in a simple sunny setting (inspirational) which helps you to focus on the exercise and that she actually does the exercise and tells you as a VoiceOver what to do. It's quick and it's tough but that's good, and if you do get too puffed out just drop the dumbbell and still do the moves, that still works. You can really grow with this DVD as there are different levels at which to work out. I love the stretch too. I really believe this will help you to achieve your goals if you do it regularly. I certainly felt every bit of my body being worked out, and yet the whole work out wasn't overly long, which is great. I run but worry I'm not doing any weight training which is very important to help raise that metabolic rate and burn more calories, as well as get that tone. This DVD does it all. Just pop it into your daily routine three times a week and see the change. Cardio plus weight training all in 20 mins. Brilliant Caroline, thanks!


Miss Rachel Pierman - Amazon

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