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Kettlebell for Beginners with Ellie Crawley
NS19162_Ellie Crawley - Kettlebell for B

Running Time : 65 mins


 Kettlebell for Beginners is the best way to learn how to use a kettlebell. The kettlebell is a standard gym tool because of its ability to transform your body.


Personal Fitness Instructor, Ellie Crawley is a certified kettlebell specialist trainer and founder of, she will teach you how to effectively use this powerful weight to trim, tone and sculpt your body! 

This program consists of 7 kettlebell sets: 


A Mobility & Warm Up where Ellie breaks down the kettlebell swing by showing you how to effectively hold the kettlebell and perform a swing. 

Two Upper Body routines to strengthen and tighten your arms, chest and back. 


A Full Body Workout that exercises your entire body, focusing on strength, mobility, flexibility and coordination in one session. 


A Lower Body routine to strengthen your glutes, quads, hamstrings and firm your backside. 


A Core Section to build and define your abdominals. 


A Cool Down to stretch out the muscles. 


We recommend you practise at least two workouts three times per week to see results.


Beginners should start with a lower kettlebell weight and as your strength increases and you learn the techniques effectively, you can increase the weight of the kettlebell. 


These kettlebell drills will get your heart pumping and your body sweating, transforming your physique! 


For more information on Ellie Crawley please visit 

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