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KUNDALINI YOGA for Your Week - Tuesday  - DVD2

Running Time : 45 mins


This series is focused on all the feelings and intentions you need to have a happy, productive and prosperous week. 

Tuesday is associated with Mars. It is a day focusing on building courage, self-confidence, and a balanced ego, which are linked to the energy of the third chakra, the navel chakra. Today's practice focuses on developing strength of the navel point and getting the body's core in shape quickly, bringing greater stability to the body and making most other physical activities easier. It can also improve your posture which is vital for your health and relieve those little aches and pains in the upper body. On an energetic level, the third chakra is your inner sun and stoking the fire through navel practice activates your radiant life-force and gives you greater clarity of mind. 

Through the subtle movements of this sequence, you will create pressure within the body that stimulates the digestive organs and nervous system via the solar plexus, a complex network of nerves located in the abdomen; the heat-inducing practice is also sure to get your heart- pumping. When you have healthy digestion and elimination, a robust nervous system and a strong electromagnetic field you feel great; you feel lighter, more radiant and you find it easier to ride the ups and downs of life with less stress and negativity. Increasing the power of your third chakra strengthens your will-power so you stay true to your values. 

The practice contains an Intro to the day, then we move on to the practice: we start by "tuning in", a series of warm-ups (10 mins), the physical routine (the kriya 24 mins), followed by a short meditative breath exercise that has great powers of rejuvenation and detoxification (4 mins), then a relaxing Shavasana (5 mins). Finally, we tune out with mantra to complete the practice.

Here is a short Breathing Practice from the DVD as a taster.  We hope you enjoy it.

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This is such a fantastic DVD


This is such a fantastic DVD. Natalie helps me achieve balance through a practice that is well thought out, smooth inflow and refreshing. Whether I am starting my day or finishing it, Tuesday is made better because of it"


Amazon Customer

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