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Detox Yoga with Amy Schneider

Running Time : 70 mins


Detox Yoga is made up of 3 flowing routines specifically choreographed to purify your heart, body, mind, and soul! There are times in all of our lives where we may have overindulged in food and alcohol or feel we have a build up of stored emotions and tensions in our bodies or we just need to release stress and calm our minds. Practising these programmes is the perfect solution to get you back in balance and feeling great! 

Detox Yoga is divided into 3 x 20 minute routines with a bonus 10 minute Pilates strengthening series. Each section will build heat in the body and consist of unique postures chosen for their ability to cleanse your organs and flood your entire system with fresh oxygen. There is a specific emphasis in all programmes on cleansing your thyroid, the part of the body responsible for your appetite and on strengthening your core so you may improve your posture and allow your organs to function properly. 

Practice 1: This flowing sequence is designed to wake up the body and create space. 

Practice 2: This flowing sequence begins to incorporate the sun salutations as we start to flow and ignite the core to build heat in the body through choreographed exercises. 

Practice 3: This flowing series brings you straight into the sun salutations and is the most sweat-inducing of the three routines. 

In addition to the physical benefits, these routines will work on opening and clearing your heart chakra by releasing unwanted stored emotions that no longer serve you. On a mental level, these routines will purge you of negative thought patterns that keep on repeating themselves. Flowing through these segments will help you purge anything holding you back from moving forward in your life and fulfilling your potential. 

So let’s begin…

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I really love this DVD


“I really love this DVD. Each of the twenty-minute routines works well on it's own, but they can be done consecutively as a 60 minute routine equally well, allowing for plenty of diversity in your practice. The postures are flowing so probably better for someone with some yoga experience than an absolute beginner. The routines have a nice mix of sun salutations and held poses.”



this is fantastic, I don't bend very well but I do what I can.


this is fantastic, I don't bend very well but I do what I can, have only done about 2 weeks of the first 20 minute session but feel so much more relaxed and like my old self, I'm no longer angry or stressed at the whole world, don't know how but really does work, even other people have noticed the difference.


AS - Amazon Customer

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