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Breathless Body - 4 DVD Box Set with Amy Dixon

Running Time: 226 mins


This amazing Breathless Body Box Set by Amy Dixon includes 4 DVDs


  • Breathless Body

  • Breathless Body: The Edge

  • Breathless Body: HIIT IT BIG

  • Breathless Body: Going Strong


1: Breathless Body

Take your body, mind, and heart out of its comfort zone and go breathless in this state of the art inspired cardio workout. This super effective calorie torching system includes a total of 8 drills done 8 times for 20 seconds total with a 10-second recovery in between.


2: Breathless Body: The Edge

This high-energy cardiovascular program will help transform your body, mind, and heart, leaving you exhilarated and stronger than ever. Breathless Body 2: The Edge combines Threshold Training & High Interval Training, which are two of the most effective ways to burn fat and calories in a short amount of time.


3: Breathless Body: HIIT IT BIGThis high energy program gets you moving with eight drills of Tabata inspired High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Each bodyweight drill lasts for 40 exciting seconds followed by 20 seconds of light movement for recovery. This all-level workout is expertly designed for burning massive amounts of calories and fat in a short amount of time.


4: Breathless Body: Going Strong

Was designed to get you looking and feeling stronger in no time with calorie torching combinations that use dumbbells and your own body weight. Based on Metabolic Strength Conditioning that blends intervals of total body strength with high-intensity cardio, this 55-minute workout turns up the dial on your metabolism, does a great job at burning fat, and creates nicely defined muscles across your entire body. Breathless Body 4 will motivate you to bring out your inner and outer strength as you keep GOING STRONG.


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As always, Amy Dixon doesn’t disappoint. That’s one of the perks of this series: they all offer something different. Some are harder than others, but all can be modified to any fitness level.

In Going Strong, 45 seconds of lightweight work is followed by 30 seconds of heavy weight work and then three short, high-intensity cardio bursts. This pattern repeats itself for eight circuits which is then followed by a quick run-through of all eight cardio moves and finally core work and a stretch. Although not as challenging as some of the other Breathless Body workouts, your heart rate stays up throughout, and every body part gets worked. As always, things can be modified. If you want more weight work, use heavy weights for both weight segments. If you want more cardio, keep going during the short rests in between cardio bursts.


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