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Supple. Stretch. Recover.


Pre & Post Natal Fitness Programs

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Fitness expert, Caroline Sandry brings you her newest DVD, Prenatal Pilates Strengthen & Sculpt. This DVD was created for women at any trimester. Practising these programmes, will help you stay strong and supple and will prepare you for labour, delivery and beyond. 

Pregnancy is an incredible time in any woman's life but it is also a very demanding time on the body. To keep you and your baby healthy, it is very important for expectant mothers to stay fit and strong. Having taught Pilates for over a decade, Caroline has seen the amazing benefits and results of practising these exercises. When she became pregnant herself, Caroline decided to create this unique programme to stay in shape while moving through the different stages of pregnancy. 

Prenatal Pilates: Tone & Tighten is the second pregnancy DVD created by Pilates expert, Caroline Sandry, as a follow up to her first release, Prenatal Pilates: Strengthen & Sculpt. 

This programme was designed to keep you in shape throughout your pregnancy and was filmed when Caroline was 8 months pregnant.


It has been carefully choreographed to strengthen your muscles which help you carry the extra weight of your baby, preventing injury, muscle aches, and imbalances. As well as helping you through the 9 prenatal months, these exercises will help you through labour and delivery, and will also help your postnatal recovery. 

Post Natal Pilates by Caroline Sandry is the final DVD in her pregnancy series: Prenatal PilatesStrengthen & Sculpt; Prenatal Pilates Tone & Tighten; and Post Natal Pilates.


Having experienced the birth of your baby, your body now needs to heal properly so you can get back to full strength.  


This DVD includes safe and effective exercises that have been designed by Caroline to practise progressively in different stages: immediately after the birth or as soon as you feel able. 

Pre & Post Natal Pilates Box Set: Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman's life and it is also a time of physical change. Current research shows that it is crucial for women to stay active during their pregnancy for their health and for the health of the baby.


This Pre & Post Natal Pilates Box Set has been created by Pilates expert, Caroline Sandry, for women to practise while they move through the different stages of pregnancy, birth, and postnatal recovery.  


This DVD Set is comprised of 3 titles: 

Prenatal Pilates: Strengthen & Sculpt: (86 mins.)

Prenatal Pilates: Tone & Tighten: (122 mins.)

Post Natal Pilates: (84 mins.)

Pregnancy is an amazing and empowering time in a woman's life, a time to focus on you and your baby.


The 40 weeks leading up to birth is a perfect time to develop your strength physically and mentally. It is a time to nurture yourself and connect you and your baby. 


Nadia has created these sequences to help you learn how to strengthen and soften the body at the same time. They will help you remain calm and focused during your pregnancy so that you "are present" during labour and recover well after. 

Birthlight was founded by Françoise Freedman. As a medical anthropologist at the University of Cambridge, Françoise traveled to various parts of the world studying indigenous cultures for medical research.   While pregnant in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, she received advice from indigenous women on movements to do for easing discomforts and adapting to the changes in her body, experiencing benefits first hand. Over time, Françoise set about incorporating these techniques into her yoga practice and Birthlight was formed. 


Birthlight's aim is a holistic approach to pregnancy to enhance the well-being of women and their partners through the journey of pregnancy and birth.

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