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Yoga for Beginners is for the student looking to learn the practice of yoga.


As a yoga teacher, Julie Montagu wanted to create a series that would help the beginner learn the basics of yoga. 


In this three-part programme, you will flow through postures at a steady, achievable pace, allowing you to align your breath with movement. 


Each 20 minute session is focused on a theme consisting of Beginners Flow, Warrior Flow or Stability Flow. You may choose to practise one of the 3 x 20 minute sections or you may complete the entire routine. 

NS19157_Mimi_Qigong for Health and Welln

 Qigong is the ancient Chinese art of energy cultivation. It works with qi, or life energy, and is one of the most effective ways to bring balance to your physical, energetic and emotional systems.


This 3 DVD Boxset or 3 Digital Downloads are designed to re-connect and align you with the rhythms and balance of the natural world. They invite you to cultivate lasting wellness from within, leaving you feeling more vibrant, calm, centred and able to awaken to your full potential.

Nadia brings you her 5 DVD box set collection, as shown on PBS America.  This includes the DVD's

-  Everyday Yoga for Stress Release

-  Chair Yoga

-  Beginners Meditation & Mindful Stretching

-  Yoga Express

-  Flow Yoga: Strength & Stability

Tara brings you her 4 DVD box set collection, as shown on PBS America.  This includes the DVD's

-  Elements of Yoga: Earth - Foundation Yoga

-  Elements of Yoga: Air & Water - Flow Yoga

-  Solar: Energise & Inspire

-  Lunar Yoga: Rebalance & Recharge

This 2 DVD Qigong box set includes:


Qigong Basics: Five Element Practices for Health and Wellbeing 
Warmups for Joints and Organs + Five Elements Qigong + Five Element Mudras and Finishing Forms

Qigong Flow: The Eighteen Forms and Eight Brocades for Organ and Meridian Health 
Eight Brocades (Ba Duan Jin 八段锦) + Eighteen Forms (Shibashi 十八式) 

 Mimi has created this unique and accessible video integrating three distinct and complimentary practices of yoga, qigong and mindfulness meditation. 


The cross-pollination of vinyasa yoga with qigong - a Chinese energy and healing art with roots in Daoist and Buddhist traditions - results in a balance that is simultaneously soft yet strong, fluid yet also rooted, centred and stable. When these practices are paired with the teachings of mindfulness, our ability to find balance, strength and ease is fostered alongside greater clarity, kindness and compassion. 

Develop a strong foundation of total body strength, stamina, and flexibility with these two complete practices:


AM: Energizing Flow (30 Minutes)This energizing series is the perfect way to start your day or to boost your energy anytime.Develop strength and functional flexibility from head to toe with this series of stamina building poses and exercises.


PM: Relaxing Flow (30 Minutes)Wind down from a hectic day and stretch out stress and soreness with this relaxing series of yoga postures that incorporate a pillow and a beach towel (or yoga strap) to gently assist your body into deeper stretches to help improve range of motion and overall flexibility.

Chair Yoga with Nadia Narain was designed for anyone wanting to increase mobility and flexibility. There are times in all of our lives when we may need a little extra support in our yoga practice. This programme was created for anyone seeking assistance in yoga or wanting to go deeper into their bodies. The movements are based on the principals of yoga to increase health and wellbeing. So whether you are at your desk, recovering from an injury, a senior or anyone looking to change up their routine, Chair Yoga with Nadia Narain is for you. 

Tara Lee brings you her long awaited follow up to Earth, Air & Water and Fire from the "Elements of Yoga Series" 

Solar Yoga, choreographed by Tara Lee will help you develop a connection with the dynamic properties of the sun, to give you more energy, inspiration and enthusiasm. These routines are designed to balance the solar channel in your body, giving you greater access to the vibrant nature of your true self.  The yoga in these sequences comes from the Para Yoga tradition and its founder Rod Stryker. Practising these three Solar sequences will invigorate, warm and uplift you! 

Lunar Yoga, choreographed by Tara Lee  will help you develop a connection with the soothing properties of the moon, to help you feel more calm, relaxed and centred.  These routines are designed to balance the lunar energy, encouraging you to be more intuitive and introspective. 

Practising these  three  Lunar sequences will help balance your nervous system, relieve stress and relax you enabling you to sleep better!  

Everyday Yoga for Stress Release was created by Nadia Narain to help restore balance in people's lives. Modern life can sometime leave us feeling overwhelmed and overburdened physically, mentally and spiritually.


These simple yet highly effective 20-minute programmes have been designed to help you release the tension stored from our life experiences. By practising these sequences once a day, you will begin to let go of the stress, negative patterns and emotions stored in your body, allowing you to move forward in life in a calmer, more harmonic state of being.  

Nadia is a leading teacher of yoga in the UK and is sought after by celebrities and students for her powerful straightforward teachings.  

In this Beginner's Yoga DVD, Kino MacGregor introduces you to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga taught to her by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and R. Sharath Jois in Mysore, India. As a professional yoga teacher, the most frequent request Kino receives from her students is for a beginner's programme. These progressive segments will help you build a strong foundation of yoga as you learn the postures at the perfect pace. 

The Tutorial is designed to teach you the very basics of yoga. Some key postures have been broken down on a step-by-step basis to help you learn them properly. 

Tara Lee, creator of the best selling Bump, Birth and Beyond series brings you a new yoga flow DVD.


Based on the 'earth' element, this yoga DVD is designed to build the foundations of a yoga practice suitable for all levels.


The DVD is divided into three 20-minute sequences which can be played in succession for a complete yoga practice, or as individual sessions for those short of time.


The practices will build a strong foundation of stability in the body, mind and spirit. Particularly useful for releasing symptoms of modern living such as headaches, lack of concentration, insomnia and stress, these practices will leave you feeling grounded and calm.

Air & Water is the second release in Tara Lee's elements of yoga series. This title was created as a more flow based practice, focusing on connecting to the Air & Water elements inside us all. The routines are all about opening up the chest and expansion while linking the fluid movement of the postures to the water element. 

The DVD is divided into three 20 minute sequences and can be played in succession or individually. 

Practising these routines will help create space in the body, linking fluid movement with breath as well as open the heart centre.

This dynamic practice was designed to build heat and strength in the body while cleansing and purifying the mind, body and spirit.


The DVD is divided into three 20-40 minute sequences which can be played in succession or individually.

The fire element lies at the centre of our being so this DVD has been created to strengthen the core as well as give you a strong, fluid practice that will eliminate toxins.


Connecting to the fire element will help you burn up unwanted emotional issues and detoxify the body.

This amazing Elements of Yoga Triple DVD Boxset includes: 

Earth: Based on the 'earth' element, this yoga DVD is designed to build the foundations of a yoga practice suitable for all levels. 

Air & Water: This DVD was created as a more flow based practice, focusing on connecting to the Air & Water elements inside us all.  

Fire: is the final title in Tara Lee's elements of yoga series. This dynamic practice was designed to build heat and strength in the body while cleansing and purifying the mind, body and spirit.  

Throughout his life, Yogi Ashokananda has been fortunate to learn from some of the great Indian masters. After years of developing his own practice and studying the ancient, Indian systems of yoga and meditation, he has created a series of unique practices that are rooted in the authentic traditions yet have been adapted to suit 21st century life.

This 2 disk set offers a unique fully comprehensive series of yoga, meditation and breathing practices which have their roots in ancient Vedic tradition. It explores physical asana in flowing Himalayan Hatha Flow sequences, pranayama, breath, bandhas, mudras, sound, meditation and deep relaxation. This Box Set will give you a complete package for mind and body, as you tap into the infinite source of power within you, feeling in touch with your highest purpose and in harmony with your physical environment, day and night. 

AM (Solar/Surya)  & PM (Lunar/Chandra) 

Ballet Yoga combines the best fundamentals of both yoga and ballet to create amazing toned,lean muscles in your body.


By integrating the finest of these schools of techniques, you get the benefits of the strengthening and toning exercises of ballet repetitions while still flowing through the beneficial vinyasa yoga sequence.


Choreographed around the normal sun salutation of yoga, Nicky has combined some ballet movements into the practices to enhance the sequences such as focusing on core moves and creating perfect posture without interrupting the nature of a yoga practice.

If you want to learn the practice of yoga then this DVD is for you! Join Nicky McGinty, yoga instructor, dancer, choreographer and best selling star of Ballet Fitness and Ballet Yoga, as she leads you through these 3 x 20 minute flowing routines: Solar, Lunar and Detox. Nicky's unique teachings will guide you as you learn the physical foundations and emotional benefits of practising yoga at the perfect pace. 

So whether you are a beginner or an established student looking to return to the roots of yoga, this programme is perfect for you. 

The Ultimate Ballet Yoga Box Set is a unique fusion of ballet and yoga programmes designed to firm and sculpt your body! Sometimes one discipline of fitness is not enough and you need to vary your workout. The Ultimate Ballet Yoga Box Set combines the best fundamentals of both yoga and ballet to create amazing lean and defined muscles. By integrating the finest of these schools of techniques, you get the benefits of the strengthening and toning exercises of ballet repetitions while still flowing through the beneficial vinyasa yoga sequence. 

Julie Martin, Director of Brahmani Yoga in Goa, India, is an internationally recognised teacher of both Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Yoga.  This programme consists of three 20 minute sections created to energise the body and mind, and stimulate every cell in your body.


By using the power of the breath and moving through repeated sequences, not only will you get your cardiovascular energy flowing but you will open up the heart centre and the seat of your personal power.


Designed to build heat and strength in the body, these carefully choreographed sequences will help guide you to connect to your own personal power and get flowing with grace.

Monday is associated with the  moon.  It is a day for reflection, connecting with your inner-most thoughts and strengthening your intuition. You may find an increased capacity to pick up on  subtle signals from people  around you and situations you find yourself in. This practice has been choreographed to stimulate your mind-body connection, and remind yourself of your  ability to keep your inner light shining bright by consciously choosing thoughts, words and actions that are in alignment with your authentic self! 

Tuesday is associated with Mars. It is a day focusing on building courage, self-confidence and a balanced ego, which are linked to the energy of third chakra, the navel chakra. Today's practice focuses on developing strength of the navel point and getting the body's core in shape quickly, bringing greater stability to the body and making most other physical activities easier. It can also improve your posture which is vital for your health and relieve those little aches and pains in the upper body. On an energetic level the third chakra is your inner sun and stoking the fire through navel practice activates your radiant life-force and gives you greater clarity of mind. 

Kundalini Yoga for Your Week - 5 practices to find Happiness, Inner Power, Clarity, Abundance and Love. 

Includes 5 DVD's one for each day of the working week.

This Beginners Meditation & Mindful Stretching consists of a few, very simple, fluid meditative practices for you to incorporate into your daily life. 

By creating these sessions, Nadia is sharing her technique with you which enabled her to learn to meditate. These short but effective programmes are designed to leave you feeling calm and relaxed. The more regularly you practise, the calmer you will feel, and the better equipped you will be when faced with challenging situations, enabling you to respond rather than react. A meditation practice will give you space and an inner harmony - a precious commodity in modern life! 

These gentle meditations and stretches are for the beginner and beyond! There is no right or wrong way to meditate. They are short enough to be practised daily or for an extended period if you have more time!

Strength and Stability Yoga was created by Nadia Narain to help you feel strong, stable and balanced! Modern life is hard on our posture so it is vital to be mindful of how we hold our bodies. The focus of this programme is to build strength in your body so that you may have correct alignment by increasing the power of the muscles that support you. Starting with session one, slowly build up each day, moving on to the next session when you are ready for a more challenging routine. 

Consistently practising these sequences will bring a feeling of power and energy to your body; you will grow stronger and feel more stable both physically and mentally! 

Detox Yoga is made up of 3 flowing routines specifically choreographed to purify your heart, body, mind and soul! There are times in all of our lives where we may have over indulged in food and alcohol or feel we have a build up of stored emotions and tensions in our bodies or we just need to release stress and calm our minds. Practising these programmes is the perfect solution to get you back in balance and feeling great! 

In addition to the physical benefits, these routines will work on opening and clearing your heart chakra by releasing unwanted stored emotions that no longer serve you. On a mental level, these routines will purge you of negative thought patterns that keep on repeating themselves. Flowing through these segments will help you purge anything holding you back from moving forward in your life and fulfilling your potential. 

This DVD contains 3 x 20 minute fluid Vinyasa yoga practices specifically designed for the beginner, intermediate and more experienced practitioner. Practice 1 is for the novice, someone who may need a gentler practice or someone who wants to warm up before Practice 2 & 3. Practice 2 is for the intermediate student looking to build strength and become more flexible. Practice 3 is for the experienced practitioner who desires to build heat in the body and move through a flowing routine! 

This DVD is perfect for all levels. So, let’s begin…

This Beginners' Meditation has been created by James Philip, one of the UK's leading healers and intuitives. As a healer, James was constantly being asked for quick meditations that people could do on a daily basis to enhance their lives. In response he created these six fast and effective, 10 minute beginners' meditations for people to incorporate into their daily lives, whether that is in the car, while commuting, during a lunch break, when you have some spare time or right before you go to bed. 

The meditations specifically focus on areas that most people want to improve in their lives such as abundance of wealth & health, reducing stress, living your true path, etc. These six 10 minute, fast and very effective recordings will help you tune into yourself on a deeper level and will help you clear any blockages holding you back from the life you want. 

These Chakra Meditations have been created by James Philip, one of the UK's leading healers and intuitives. As a healer, James is constantly working with clients' 7 energy systems that align the body called the Chakras. These 7 main chakras, or wheels, relate to different aspects of an individual's life, from creating wealth to having healthy relationships. The clearer your inner chakras are the better your outer world will be. For this reason, James designed these several short meditations to purify your chakras so you can live your life at its highest potential and move toward your highest intentions! 

Listening to these recordings will help improve your life by rebalancing and realigning your energy centres!

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