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Beginners Pilates with Caroline Sandry

Beginners Pilates was created by Caroline Sandry for those who are new to Pilates and want to increase muscle tone and flexibility.  Based on the Pilates Method these routines will help you develop deep core muscles and a stronger pelvic floor while improving your overall physique.   Having a strong core is essential for good health and posture, these routines will slowly and steadily help you strengthen your muscles.  The exercises are practised with control and focus using the breath as you repeat postures and flow from one exercise to another.


This programme consists of 3 graduating workouts: the Introductory Workout, the Beginners Workout and the Intermediate Workout.  


Pilates is amazing, not only for your core strength but also your posture, your range of motion, your flexibility and also your understanding of your own body.


Transform your body with Beginners Pilates

Running Time : 64 mins


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I Love This DVD


Have only just started using this dvd ... its brilliant ... caroline makes it easy and enjoyable to do ... already feeling good about myself ... and am looking forward to seeing the results ... and a flat tummy !!!! ... i broke my back years ago ... this is helping already with the pain .. and getting movement back in areas that tended to be stiffened up ... love it :)) big 5 stars


Miss Rebecca J Taylor  - Amazon



Loved this DVD, really easy to understand exercises, demonstrated and explained. Feeling and seeing the effects already and it means I can keep up the regime. Looking forward to a flat tummy for my summer holiday!


Miss Victoria Harvey  - Amazon

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