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Solar: Energise & Inspire Yoga with Tara Lee 

Running Time : 84 mins


Tara Lee brings you her long-awaited follow up to Earth, Air & Water, and Fire from the "Elements of Yoga Series" 

Solar Yoga, choreographed by Tara Lee will help you develop a connection with the dynamic properties of the sun, to give you more energy, inspiration, and enthusiasm. These routines are designed to balance the solar channel in your body, giving you greater access to the vibrant nature of your true self.  The yoga in these sequences comes from the Para Yoga tradition and its founder Rod Stryker. Practising these  three  Solar sequences will invigorate, warm and uplift you! 

This program consists of:  

Solar Body (25 mins). 
This flowing sun salutation  segment is designed to build heat and strength in the body while connecting you to your inner sun. You will stoke your inner fire to feel vibrant, empowered and full of life throughout your day.  

Solar  Energise (15 mins) & Solar Inspire (11mins)
This 2-part  segment focuses on the mind to keep your mental state clear and alert. Practising these routines with the breathing techniques will help you feel more balanced and present. 

Solar Meditation (24 mins) 
This meditation will help you to become more aware and sensitive to prana or life force.  Use this solar meditation anytime you want to feel more vibrant, expansive and empowered. 

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Inspirational ✨


"I'm using Solar a lot at the moment I find the breathing element to the practice amazing I love the control and pace I must admit I have my eyes closed a lot of the time! 😂 I feel inspired afterward ready for what lies ahead in my day! Lunar enables me to really tune into myself and it's so nice to think about me for a little while, I sleep so well after these practices. Thank you, Tara you have perfectly timed releasing these DVDs just what I need in my life right now! Can't recommend highly enough 🙏 x


Amazon Customer

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