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Flow Yoga: Energise & Renew with Amy Schneider

Running Time : 70 mins


This DVD contains 3 x 20 minute fluid Vinyasa yoga practices specifically designed for the beginner, intermediate and more experienced practitioner. Practice 1 is for the novice, someone who may need a gentler practice or someone who wants to warm up before Practice 2 & 3. Practice 2 is for the intermediate student looking to build strength and become more flexible. Practice 3 is for the experienced practitioner who desires to build heat in the body and move through a flowing routine! 

Practice 1: This moving sequence starts with simple poses that get the blood circulating and warm up the spine, joints, muscles, and ligaments. Once the body is warm, we progress to modified sun salutations. The sun salutations will slowly elevate the heart rate as we begin to breathe deeply into each posture and move at a “one breath, one movement” rhythm. Then we integrate poses that will build strength and stamina in the body while increasing flexibility. 

Practice 2: This flowing sequence is designed for the intermediate practitioner. Yogis with some Vinyasa experience will follow along with ease, while yogis with less experience will learn a lot by following along daily and listening carefully to the alignment cues. The pace is not particularly slow or fast; instead, it moves steadily with the breath. 

Practice 3: This sequence is designed for the more experienced practitioner. The flow and the pace are carefully designed to open your sweat glands and rid your body of toxins. By moving through sun salutations as well as a series of dynamic poses, the sequence will challenge you beyond your comfort zone, help you to advance in your yoga practice, and give you a good workout. 

This DVD is perfect for all levels. So, let’s begin…

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After buying detox yoga, I couldn't wait to try this one! Amy is awesome. Great instruction--you don't need to be looking at the TV to know what to do. I also like how she talks about what Chakras are affected and what organs are being cleansed. The set is simple and calming. I hope she makes more DVDs!



My Favorite Yoga DVD.


My favorite yoga DVD. It's just perfect and it feels good. My goal is to make it through intermediate (I'm a super beginner).


NIU - Amazon Customer

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