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Running Time : 90 mins


This series is focused on all the feelings and intentions you need to have a happy, productive and prosperous week. 

Monday is associated with the  moon.  It is a day for reflection, connecting with your innermost thoughts and strengthening your intuition. You may find an increased capacity to pick up on  subtle signals from people around you and situations you find yourself in. This practice has been choreographed to stimulate your mind-body connection, and remind yourself of your ability to keep your inner light shining brightly by consciously choosing thoughts, words, and actions that are in alignment with your authentic self! 

Today's kriya works directly with the pituitary gland, the pea-sized master gland that sits within the brain, right behind the brow point. The hormones secreted by this gland help to regulate many vital functions of the body such as growth, blood pressure, metabolism, water/salt balance, pregnancy and childbirth, pain relief and the stress response. With this gland's link to so many unconscious functions of the body, it is perhaps easy to see why yogic science sees the healthy functioning of the pituitary gland as vital for your health, your intuition and your ability to live a self-directed life. 

The DVD contains an Intro to the day, then we move on to the practice: we start by "tuning in", a series of warm-ups (10 mins), the physical routine (the kriya 30 mins), followed by The Smiling Buddha Kriya meditation (12 mins), and then a relaxing Shavasana (5 mins). Finally, we tune out with mantra to complete the practice. Practising this series of postures will bring about a strong sensation of self-knowledge and assuredness, and will stir feelings of happiness and positivity deep within that will help you share the benefits of your workout with those around you as you go about your day.

Here is a short Breathing Practice from the DVD as a taster.  We hope you enjoy it.

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WOW !!


"A really great DVD! I am new to kundalini yoga and really enjoyed trying it.  It was very powerful and I really loved the beautiful setting in which it is shot.  I would highly recommend this DVD, Natalie's calming voice and approach as well as the physical challenge she offers is just what I am after from a DVD to do at home."


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