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The Bootylicious Workout with Feyi J

Running Time : 75 mins


The Bootylicious Workout is all about toning, sculpting and uplifting your backside to give you a nice, peachy derrière! Feyi Jegede created these fabulous 3 x 20 minute workouts to target the lower body with specific emphasis on your buns! She is the creator of "Real Results Fitness" as well as being a single mother of four! Feyi knows time is tight so she designed these routines to squeeze into your busy day so you can keep yourself in tip top shape! 

This programme includes: 

Cardio Booty (22 mins) Feyi will have you dancing in no time! This carefully choreographed session will make toning your backside fun and playful. Follow this dance routine to get your heart pumping and your thighs and booty burning! 

Booty Barre (22 mins) This routine has been influenced by Pilates, ballet and specific toning postures to really focus on tightening and lifting your booty in areas that may have fallen flat! You will use a chair and perform micro and macro movements to really use every muscle to shape and mould your behind. Booty Barre consists of Plié pulses, Tondues, Relève and Feyi's unique exercises. 

Booty Sculpt (18 mins) Get ready to feel the burn! These fun and effective actions will whittle away your cellulite, turning it into muscle. Repetition is the key to these chiselling and targeting drills that will have you squatting and pulsing away your fat so you will feel great in a bikini! 

This programme includes a warmup and cool down. 

Feyi Jegede is a certified fitness trainer who knows how to get your body in shape! Most importantly she is fun and her enthusiasm is infectious which helps motivate you to keep going! 

So follow Feyi and get the 'Peachy Booty' you have always wanted.

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Feyi J. is a lifesaver!

Feyi J. is a lifesaver!  I'm not very athletic and the video is very easy to follow along with. I try to do at least two of the 20-minute segments in a row and I always end up very sweaty. It keeps​ my heart rate up the whole time. The best part is I'm already starting to see results!


These routines are fun & unique.


These routines are fun & unique. The cheroe was easy for me to follow. I really like Feyi as a lead. She is very professional and there is no "bootylicious" talk in the workout. This is one of my new fav lower body routines. I did feel the burn after these workouts. There is well over an hour of footage on this DVD! You get a barre, a cardio lower body, and a sculpting routine. I like the variety and you can play all for a longer workout or pick one from the menu.


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